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"Hommage a Manuel Vázquez Montalbán"
(Group exhibition)

places and dates :
Instituto Cervantes in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) - From 2.10.2014 To 30.1.2015
Instituto Cervantes in Hamburg (Germany) - From 27.2.2015 To 1.4.2015
Sala d’exposicions del Govern, in Andorra la Vella (Andorra) - From 17.9.2015 To 18.10.2015
Instituto Cervantes in Toulouse (France) - From 3.11.2015 To 11.12.2015
Museo del Paseo del Revellín in Ceuta (Spain) - From 14.1.2016 To 20.2.2016
Palau Falguera in Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Spain) - From 11.3.2016 To 28.3.2016
Centro Municipal Integrado de La Arena in Gijón (Spain) - From 5.12.2016 To 12.1.2017
Biblioteca Jaume Fuster in Barcelona (Spain) - From 27.1.2017 To 1.3.2017
in Cornellà de Llobregat (Spain) - From 5.4.2017 To 28.5.2017
Sala d'exposicions de la Casa de la Cultura in Lloret de Mar (Spain) - From 31.8.2017 To 22.9.2017
Badajoz Siglo XXI in Badajoz (Spain) - From 5.10.2017 To 25.10.2017
Centro Municipal Integrado de El Coto in Gijon (Spain) - From 20.10.2017 To 17.11.2017
Calle San Francisco, 1 in Oviedo (Spain) - From 17.1.2018 To 17.2.2018
Museo Soler Blasco in Jávea (Spain) - From 3.11.2018 To 5.11.2018
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Elche in Elche (Spain) - From 17.1.2019 To 23.3.2019
Palacio del Condestable in Pamplona (Spain) - From 15.1.2021 To 28.2.2021

I ask collectors, gallery owners and anyone interested to check whether your works are already included in the list of works on this web. If you have a work which is not included or want to complete data, please send an email to, with a good digital image of the front and of the verso, with the following data:
- Title
- Dimensions
- Support and technique used,
- Year of creation
- Provenance
and all data you think are important.

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